Space Paws 0.25.0 released for patrons

2016-02-22 08:37:58 by TaifunRiders

Well, for those of you who are interested, the 0.25.0v of Space Paws is already available for patrons. Here's the changelog and some screenshots of the improvements made:

-New system of interactions : talk/Ask/Date/Give/Girlfriend
-Relationship status with Alison and Roselyn
-Alison has a new and improved appearance
-Main character has also a new and improved appearance
-Alison's H-scene has been redone (new system of animation)
-New animated H-scene with Roselyn (new system of animation)
-New static H-scene with Roselyn
-Alison's route is longer now. (you can date her)
-You can interact with a new character on the market
-Some backgrounds have been improved (cryo room, landing zone, library..)
-New minigame
-Added a Mute button
-Days limit: 45
-In some moment of the story, you will be able to enter in ALL the rooms of the spaceship
-You can't take the sprouts on the spaceship (not necessary yet)
-Revised grammar and typos















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2016-02-23 16:47:02

Hey ! Gotta say, freaking awesome game ! But im stuck at the 'Alison's Notebook (dat private thing in the Storage room) and i dont know how to really get the Password... i tried soooo much combinations of the Board in the Libary... but they didnt work. Maybe you can give me a hand there? :I


TaifunRiders responds:

Hey Magus!
Did you already get the password?


2016-03-11 18:49:38

Hello, I am having the same problem as Magus is having. I have tried sooo many combinations but i can get the password right. ;-; Could you lend me a hand as well?


2016-03-13 11:48:02

I already got the Password !

To be honest... its so simple, but the overthinking of it "what might be it?" makes it harder then it is... i mean the answer is already given !
Awesome game, keep it up !


2016-03-26 17:45:24

Can someone please help me with the password to Alison diary? I've tried so many thing and I can't find it. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!


2016-04-13 03:19:58

Can't pass Allison's Diary password. Tried it all.


2016-04-24 18:23:29

Yeah really need some help with that password. I tried the numbers above the elements in the library, but that got me nowhere. Could really use some help


2016-05-05 01:24:00

Have you tried "2060392010"?


2016-07-29 12:43:38

I have found the password for the diary but i can't go further than that. I tried to knock on the door of allison but there i always the message "i couldn't go to plant knowing that i can snoop through her stuff in the storage room" . I then reread the dairy but i still get the same message.


2016-07-29 19:11:32

Great game! I just can't even find the diary story line to begin with. Playing version 0.38.2v Maybe you can help me. I have a save where I leveled every stat above 40 and did the 13th day easter egg. Should I restart?