Space Paws 0.25.1 public release

2016-03-10 06:04:18 by TaifunRiders

The last update of Space Paws is already public

You can check it on: Wetpussygames

In a few days we'll post the download link and it will be uploaded to NG

Share your impressions!




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2016-03-10 08:29:05

Is it me or does she have one small/one large boob?

(Updated ) TaifunRiders responds:

Hi Myamoto,

Are you talking on the dream scene? Or in the idle position?

For us and for all our patrons they are equals. Maybe it's a perspective issue


2016-03-11 03:13:56

I meant in this particular picture, but it's likely just me.

TaifunRiders responds:

Now that you say it...yes.
We'll change it. Thanks for point it out :)


2016-03-11 10:20:35

whens the next one coming out

TaifunRiders responds:

On newgrounds you mean? The 0.25.1 will be on NG next week.
The next one (0.30) is still under development. Patrons will probably have it at some moment of the actual month.


2016-03-11 13:31:07

the next one 0.30 btw nice ending with the book


2016-03-12 07:25:09

I know this might be jumping ahead a bit but I can't wait to see what the other planets have as inhabitants. Foxes maybe? Roo's? Dragons? Anyways, the dynamic with Rose makes it more of a romance novel then straight out porn. Like at the lake how the PC and Rose look at each other is flirty but playful. That's a really nice dynamic. And how it's portrayed as more loving then blind porn. Never give that integrity up. Also what's up with the other dog in the market?

TaifunRiders responds:

We LOVE your comment. Thanks a million for your words.
About the girl on the'll see much more things about her on the next update ;)

P.S: What about kitties? :)


2016-03-14 22:03:34

I love your game so far.
Great work I finished and older version but am trying the new build.
Good job guys keep up the great work


2016-03-20 02:01:54

how do you date alison?


2016-05-09 01:36:55

How do you get into the storage room? I've tried clicking the locked door at every point in the story, but no dice. Any chance to get a hint for it?