Space Paws 0.30 public release

2016-04-29 15:30:13 by TaifunRiders



Today the 0.30v of Space Paws becomes public. 

Wetpusygames (online)


Fullscreen, for Windows (.exe)


Windowed, swf


In some days it'll be availabe on Wetpussygames. This update WILL NOT be uploaded on NG, GamesofDesire...

We'll upload the 0.38  on all the sites when it's ready and public.


Don't hesitate to share your impressions, founded bugs, suggestions...

The version is especially  about an easter egg. That easter egg is a day event, but you'll have to do something and be in somewhere to find it. Good luck!

Alison route is the same as 0.25.1. There isn't any progress there.

On ther other hand, we are currently working on the 0.38. We HOPE falling May, early June it'll be available (that's not a promise, it'll available when it's finished) for our patrons and a month later, it'll be public.


See you!


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2016-04-30 07:38:40

You said: "This update WILL NOT be uploaded on NG"

(Updated ) TaifunRiders responds:

We want to upload it when there is many new things and improvements.

From the 0.25.1 this version has an easter egg, talking animations and a new animated H-scene. Not enough in our opinion ;)


2016-04-30 13:09:38

ive been waiting for this!


2016-04-30 19:00:18

This is a really good game, keep up the awesome work!

TaifunRiders responds:

thanks :)


2016-05-01 21:58:45

Awesome! Can't wait to try the new version


2016-05-10 07:27:22

A liitle hint the new scene has something to do with the red girl :3


2016-06-03 00:58:15

I played this game, and, on the new planet, this scenario came to my head:

Nappa: *GASP* Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta. Vegeta.

Vegeta: What. Nappa?...

Nappa: There's gonna be CATS here, Vegeta! Can I have one, CAN I HAVE ONE!?

Vegeta: Fine Nappa...

Nappa: YAY!!!! *Runs into town and it's empty* *GASP* WHERE ARE ALL OF THE KITTIES!

Vegeta: Hah! They haven't been implemented yet! Hah!

Just a funny little skit that came to my head when I saw the new planet.... thought it'd make you guys laugh

TaifunRiders responds:

LMAO! Yes!! You did it!

I can barely remember that episode, but it rings a bell.

Best comment ever, you're our hero, lol


2016-06-06 13:55:07

Diary password is very fresh
I think 'This game is really great!'
I hope many people like this game.
Thank you for make this game.


2016-06-13 12:49:49

Will the new planet be all cats?

TaifunRiders responds:

yes :)


2016-07-12 17:03:35

Please tell me it will be possible for the player to end up with a harem!