Space Paws 0.38.1 release for patrons

2016-06-13 14:41:27 by TaifunRiders

The latest update of Space Paws is already available for our patrons. 
Now, we're using a charge upfront method to charge to our new patrons. This way, if you make a new pledge, you'll be charged immediately and because of this, you'll able to access to you rewards without waiting to the start of the new month :)

Here's the changelog:


-New story and characters on a new planet (Not fully developed yet)

-3 new H-scenes (1 animated 2 static) on the new planet

-Animated H-scene on the hut with Roselyn

-A little step forward on Alison's story (with a very short minigame & H-scene)

-The potions' minigame of the Easter Egg has been changed.

-Fixed some bugs: objects disappearing, blinking eyes appearing in weird situations...

-Mute Button has been temporary deleted. It'llbe added again shortly, but we saw it was a bit buggy and we didn't want to delay the release date.

-Many typos,  mistakes on the text have been corrected.

This update will be made public once our patrons have a new update (something more than a month)


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2016-06-14 14:29:04

Please! Tell me that you won't necessary be forced to choose between the girls, at least not if you play your cards right.

Also, shouldn't the queen be a virgin? I can't say she acts too much like one.
In fact, it would be nice if your girl was too, as the two of you might have been sent into space BEFORE you two did it together.

Will the option to get kinky, like anal and/or oral, ever be there?


2016-06-14 14:36:04

Sad that Patreon doesn't allow one-time payments.


2016-07-27 20:18:11

When will it be released to the public it has been more than a month now?