Space Paws 0.38.2 public release

2016-07-28 05:21:46 by TaifunRiders

Today Space Paws  (alpha 0.38.2v) becomes public.

-Windows version, Fullscreen

-Swf version (Mac compatible, Fullscreen)

And very very soon it'll be available on Newgrounds :)


Changelog (from 0.30):

-A new planet, new characters and story (not fully developed yet, work in progress)

-A little step forward on Alison's route

-Easter egg's minigame has been changed

-Added 3 new animated H-scenes

-Added 2 new static H-scenes (They're inside an animated scene, so it would be 3 in 1)

-Optimization of the game. Size is around 50% and now loads external data

-New dialog interface & font

-Improved sounds quality

-Many characters are closer to you when talking

-Many grammar mistakes, typos have been corrected (thanks to our proofreaders!)


Inside the file there's a README. Read it carefully to be sure that all H-scenes will be loaded correctly. Remember that the game is an alpha, so we are trying many solutions that could work or not. If you notice some bug or something weird just report it.


Oh! And if you didn't do it yet, check Pokkaloh. It's a nice game under development made by our friend Hagya:




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2016-08-16 07:45:39

the game is awesome, I really want to check the entire version, keep up the good work!

(also are you really spanish?)

TaifunRiders responds:

Thanks! And yes, we're spanish. From Barcelona :)


2016-08-19 10:37:32

can someone please give me a hint about the easter egg with the girl in red because i've been looking for hours and I can't seem to get her talking or anything... i really like the game !


2016-09-08 09:33:19

Hello!! I absolutely LOVE your game and i was wondering if you could do something (anything, really) for my birthday? (The 26th) It's okay if you can't, i understand that developing a game (especially with only two people) is very hard and time-consuming but if you could i would be extremely happy, thanks!!!

With Hope & Gratitude,
~PokkaLover (Yes, after Pokkaloh)