Space Paws 0.42.1 available for patrons

2016-09-23 16:57:13 by TaifunRiders

Space Paws 0.42.1 is already available for patrons. The changelog for this new update is:

-Nebet's route is longer, including 3 new dates with her:
 [4 new backgrounds, 5 new characters pictures, a new mini game, 3 new animated H-scenes*, sounds, music ,objects...]
-Landing Zone of dog's planet has been reworked.
-Added a new chapter of the Alison's Diary (Chapter 2) with a new animated H-scene* with Alison.
-Added a new labyrinth dream for Chapter 02
-You can interact with E-Millio now
-You can access to the card files of the human characters in the Cryo room
-All the H-scenes (the old one andthe new one) are loaded externally now.
-Some adjustments on the quality of the pics
-Training status now give you more points.
-Days limit 40
-Revision of bugs, spelling/grammar mistakes.

* All these new H-scenes are made with a new system of animation we've adopted for Space Paws. These new H-scenes have many more colors, and they have a different kind of movement. We think, in general, that it's a way better system of animation than the old one with great results and it's a bit easier to work with.

Plus, some weeks ago we made a achievement picture (dakimakura of Nebet and Alison) for all our patrons.



Become a patron to get the update and the full version  of the CG with a resolution of 2400x4200:

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2016-09-27 05:58:58

when is it public


2016-10-13 13:10:54

prob a month more or so looking on their last patron/public release


2016-11-04 05:07:28

guys make it free plz :D


2016-11-12 23:50:39

when are you gonna make it public?


2016-11-20 20:59:59

I'm seriously curious as to when we will be getting this publicly. Like....Christmas Present or....Thanksgiving present? I mean....its been since September...its November now. I'm not trying to be impatient but I would become a patreon if I could, but with how money's going right now I literally can't spend anything extra. So.....yeah....I hope the new update becomes public soon.

TaifunRiders responds:

Probably, at some point on december. Since we improved many things on the game, updates take at least 2 months of development. We can't be more specific yet


2016-12-13 15:07:07

Hey, it's been quite some time since you released 0.42.1 any chance it'll be made available on newgrounds soon? Saw you released 0.45.1 on Patreon already.

TaifunRiders responds:

In one week it'll be public the 0.42v, we're currently fixing bugs. But it won't be uploaded on NG .It will be available for download and on Wetpussygames. On NG we'll upload the 0.45v when it is public.


2017-01-16 11:30:09

what is Nebet's mini game