Space Paws v0.62.2 release for patrons // v0.56 pubilc release

2017-10-07 23:06:36 by TaifunRiders



The latest update of Space Paws is already available for our 2+ patrons. 

Here's the changelog for this version:


  • Siaren's route is longer. 3 Dates are available now
  •  Chapter 5th of Alison's diary has its H-scene (cosplay poll)
  •  Added WPG assistant (look over you bed).
  •  Added an Easter Egg for Alison peeping scene
  •  Drones minigame has been slightly improved.
  •  Added 5th Labyrint and some little modifications on the 4th.
  •  Save / Load Games have been totally reworked
  •  Added a CG Gallery on the main menu
  •  Some typos, grammar... fixed
  •  Minor mistakes, details polished.

 We've also added new cheats (skills and items) available for our 10$+:

 Plus, the v0.56.2 is public. You can download it from the following links:


EXE version

SWF version


EXE version!YFchkagJ!zitioNNf26wV10tKRyzIBkxdn3d9OJ4ieyiy_wW9VLI
SWF version!RF0j3YjQ!7u6qPoMu7Oz6_tBceqjSYeCuuWyEDfVg91QqKV69heI

 Or play it online:

 Wetpussygames (soon)
 Gamesofdesire (soon)
 Comdotgames (soon)
 Gamcore (soon)



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2017-10-10 23:09:46

What are the changes/ additions for the 56.2 update?


2017-10-13 10:38:06

When will it be public ? the version v0.62.2 ?


2017-10-29 21:44:12

Did you add a "skip" button for the night I have to babysit those awful puppies?


2017-11-13 13:45:54

Did my download not work or did you just miss type?
I only got v0.56.1 in exe from mega.


2017-12-04 17:24:59

Will you be uploading it to newgrounds at all?


2018-01-06 13:41:26

i like this game


2018-01-16 09:08:15

when will the next update be published?