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The last update of Space Paws is already public

You can check it on: Wetpussygames

In a few days we'll post the download link and it will be uploaded to NG

Share your impressions!



Space Paws 0.25.0 released for patrons

2016-02-22 08:37:58 by TaifunRiders

Well, for those of you who are interested, the 0.25.0v of Space Paws is already available for patrons. Here's the changelog and some screenshots of the improvements made:

-New system of interactions : talk/Ask/Date/Give/Girlfriend
-Relationship status with Alison and Roselyn
-Alison has a new and improved appearance
-Main character has also a new and improved appearance
-Alison's H-scene has been redone (new system of animation)
-New animated H-scene with Roselyn (new system of animation)
-New static H-scene with Roselyn
-Alison's route is longer now. (you can date her)
-You can interact with a new character on the market
-Some backgrounds have been improved (cryo room, landing zone, library..)
-New minigame
-Added a Mute button
-Days limit: 45
-In some moment of the story, you will be able to enter in ALL the rooms of the spaceship
-You can't take the sprouts on the spaceship (not necessary yet)
-Revised grammar and typos














2nd Milestone Goal checked on Patreon!

2016-01-14 06:27:23 by TaifunRiders


A few days ago we unlocked the second milestone goal on patreon!
Thanks to this achievement the game will improve this way:

 -We'll increase the rhythm of development a little bit

-Alison will be improved, new face, new expressions, new body... ;)  

-The last improvement we've in mind is animation the character's mouth when they talk. Maybe not in the next update but we'll work on it soon.

We can only say thanks!!
By the way... what do you think about the new Alison?

Space Paws 0.18v released for patrons!

2016-01-11 11:34:10 by TaifunRiders

Patrons can already enjoy the version 0.18. This version is not as big as 0.15, so it won't probably be uploaded here in NG or some other portal. Just because it isn't different enough to 0.15v

So what's new ?

-Added an Animated H-Scene with Alison
-Added a scene on the Lake date with Roselyn
-New button on the top to go directly to the Spaceship
-Two different options to put out the rock on the cave entrace
-Fixed some little bugs we've detected (music, energy requierement...)
-Corrected many typos/grammar mistakes 

Besides, we're making a development poll for 5$ or + patrons. 

....and something more is coming. We think you will like :)


Guys, you can already play Space Paws 0.15 thanks to Webpussygames support, so you can play it here:


Soon a downloadable version will avaliable  in our blog and it will be posted on NG aswell, but for the moment you can play it and share your impressions with us commenting this post or in our blog.

Enjoy it!


Good news! Finally the 0.15v is out! Only for patrons at the moment

Here's the changelog:

-Added day event with Alison
-Added a new H-scene with Roselyn
-0.10 H-scene with Roselyn is animated and interactive now
-Added attribute text when training
-Added sprouts room (it hasn't any relevance in 0.15v)
-Added a hint in the cave's puzzle
-Right upper corner menu is more visible
-Changed Alison's outfit when awakening
-Alison silhouette/breasts has been modified
-Mouse-over labels with description of the event
-Studying costs now 40 energy
-Charming costs 30 and raises up to 3 points
-Impressing Roselyn needs 20 charming points (instead of 60)
-Riddles have been resized to 5 (the easier ones) instead of 10
-Roselyn Quiz has been resized to 6 instead of 10
-Added in Roselyn's Quiz right or wrong sounds
-There're 3 provisional endings (Alison route, Roselyn route, Losing time route)
-Minor changes is some dialogues
-Some grammar mistakes were corrected

A little gift! ;)


Important information

2015-11-29 18:39:27 by TaifunRiders

Hi fans!

We are pretty sure that the next update (finally named 0.15) wil lbe available next week only for patrons.

So, if you want to check it soon be sure to have at least 1 processed dollar. Patreon usually charges patrons the 1st of every month. If you don't have any dollar processed you should wait until patreon charges you to play it. It's a securty matter.

If you prefer to wait until the update becomes public you will have to wait until the second one (0.30) is available for patrons (about 2 months, because the second update will be bigger than the first).

Thanks for reading!

About Update 0.15

2015-11-06 14:33:05 by TaifunRiders

Hi there!

We're working on the next update of Space Paws (this will be 0.15).

The details of this update are only known by patrons. All we can say is that there will be more H-Scenes, one of them animated. This update will be available late November early December. Aswell, for security matters, only patrons with at least 1$ processed will receive the update.

The Update 0.15 will be submitted here when patrons get the 0.18 (we still don't know when will be because this last one will probably be a bigger one).

See you chosen ones!